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Rent a Truck with a Fifth Wheel Hitch

You may be surprised, but it isn’t always easy to find a fifth wheel truck rental.

Not all car and truck rental dealerships carry them, and some that do require a long-term rental of six months or more. Sometimes you can rent a fifth wheel truck from a moving company or you can even find them listed locally in local listings for rental vehicles in your area.

Fifth wheel truck rental prices will vary depending on a few factors like where you rent the truck from, how long you plan to rent it for, and if you get any additional insurance. We suggest budgeting about $100-$150 a day for a fifth wheel truck, although that doesn’t include gas.

When you find a fifth wheel truck rental, make sure you go over all costs and fees with the rental provider. You don’t want to be caught by surprise at the end of your trip.

Something else to keep in mind is you need to rent a truck with a fifth-wheel hitch. Luckily, most places that rent these heavy-duty trucks will already have a hitch attached. To be sure, call ahead and verify that the fifth wheel truck rental has a hitch. Also let them know that you plan on towing a fifth wheel with it, that way you’re sure that the hitch included will be able to do the job.

Another option is to purchase your own fifth wheel hitch from a heavy-duty trucking supplier like Uhaul. They usually cost about $200. Having your own hitch means you’ll know the quality of the hitch, and you’ll always have it handy when you’re ready to go on another trip.
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Payment or rental security for amounts exceeding $100 is to be done via credit card.

All customers are l

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Customers are responsible for inspecting the dress upon delivery and stating any damages or issues beforehand. Inability to do so can make them answerable to any unstated damages.

For faster delivery, we recommend customers within the same city to opt for the self-pickup option.

In case of any del

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Refund Policy
At the end of the rental period, 100% rental security will be returned to the customer on the following conditions:

The dress has no stains, tears, signs of overstretching or any other type of damage

There are no delays in return

In case of any damages or late return, a reimbursement will be dedu

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